We have believed in editings.eu for 2 years!

Una fantastica community di grafici aperta a tutti”. That’s how, two years ago, I presented editings.eu for the first time.

Conceived during a boring algebra lesson on parables and inequalities.
I thought that this type of activity allowed you to publicly express your thoughts on a certain topic that was able to excite. All using only a computer and a webspace to publish it.

What gave me the decisive push was my passion for creating websites through the use of Content Management Systems, also known as CMS. Therefore, I decided to register a domain that best reflects what I wanted to talk about and I decided on “editings.eu“, which is close to the term with which digital production is united: “editing”.

After 15 days of designing and developing the website, on November 12th, 2019, I published the www.editings.eu website which, today, turns 2 years old.

The launch

Initially, I created editings.eu to bring together all fans and professionals in the digital production sector. An argument that even today, is treated within the website and that generates most of our total traffic.

The positioning and quality of articles were not among our priorities and we developed articles without a precise structure to focus more on the quality and stability of the website and, of course, write our thoughts on certain topics without caring for potential readers.

editings.eu 2 anni - Sito web di cinema, serie tv, produzione digitale e tecnologia - La storia del progetto

After about 4 months, without getting the results we hoped for, we decided to take a break during which the website was inactive. Without updates or content.
Later, we realized that if we were going to launch this project, the website would have to be redesigned from the beginning and with a writing base for future articles.

And so it was decided to transfer all the content of editings.eu to a new platform that would allow us to index our contents and to include the website in various online directories. Things that, with the first version, we were not able to do …

editings.eu two years – A new beginning

Only on 20 July 2020 did we announce that the new editings.eu website was online and that we would continue to create new content on the theme with which we founded this project. With this new version, we opened the doors to an ever-growing future!

From there, we continued to publish our articles on digital design. But the community needed something new. Something different…

Si parla di cinema, di primi risultati e… problemi!

Il 21 ottobre 2020 venne pubblicato l’articolo che diede il via alla pubblicazione di una nuova categoria di articoli: Film e serie TV:

And it is here that, finally, some of our articles began to position themselves within the first pages of Google and, consequently, the first users reached our contents!

The last period of the year was a turning point, as we began to grow more and more and were more motivated to work to make this project even better!

However, the server, with its reduced characteristics, was no longer able to manage the traffic, albeit small in size, and we had to transfer everything to a new, more performing server. This was possible thanks to the very kind availability of Francesco Liotti.

Featured snippets, re-design and… TECH!

After a few months, the style of the website was completely changed and many of our articles managed to position themselves in the famous Google Featured Snippets. The factor that makes us notice is that we are doing our job well!

Tutt’oggi stiamo continuando a creare contenuti sempre nuovi e abbiamo in mente di espandere il nostro progetto nell’immediato futuro!

Finally, last October, the new category dedicated to technology, another of our greatest passions.

Si cresce… ma non sui social

A huge sore point for this community is interactions on social networks.

In fact, although the statistics continue to grow, editings.eu has 49 and 6 followers on Instagram and Twitter respectively. A problem that, of course, must be faced with the right priority. We plan to expand our community on as many social networks as possible, ensuring the same consistency with which we publish our articles.

2 anni di editings.eu – The future…

The past has served us to build. The present is allowing us to improve and the future is yet to be written!
We have many plans and many new projects to keep growing this amazing project. We can’t wait to write the next chapters with you!

Thank you for believing in editings.eu for 2 years!

To reach this project, please visit the web address links.editings.eu.

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